What are they?

Priority profiles and conquest territories are Qomon modules that allow to you strategies and make a difference.

This model is driven by our machine learning algorithmes that allows you to detect territorial zones in which you'd find the most important profiles to target depending on your strategy.

Election context

You will be able to automatically detect the precise residential zones of people who are most likely to vote in your favor. These are the people that you should prioritize meeting.

Organization context

This model will allow you to detect either:

  • areas in which to meet your action's target population, saving you time and resources.


  • areas where your potential donors or supporters reside in order to maximize your fundraising campaigns.

Awareness campaign

This module allows you to go straight to the point and take action directly in areas where your awareness campaign's target audience(s) are, allowing you to increase your impact and save precious resources.

Your teams will be less likely to run out of steam and you won't contact people who are not concerned with your message.

What is this model based on? What data?

The model uses Open Data that we access from many different sources to render statistically viable and actionnable information that can be put to use for on-the-ground work.

It also relies data that you or you team(s) input from your work on the field. Combining all of this information in order to gradually refine your target profile and priority areas.

If you already have a database (of your supporters, contacts, or donors for example - containing postal addresses), this data is also taken into account when creating your target profile and identifying the priority areas of where to find them.

Model features

Profile Model

This model isn't only based on past electoral results but rather on the socio-economic profile of your supporters. Who are they? What type of housing do they reside in? What kind of neighbourhood do they live in? Are they far away from public services, like transport? landlords or tenants? Detect abstention zones.

Intelligent Model

The more people you meet and gather more information on your supporters, the more refined your profile and area of interest will be.

Actionnable Results

You will be given precise areas on a map of where to find your target populations in accordance to your strategy. They will be ranked from 1 to 5, according to it's priority level.

Those that resident in areas that correspond most to your target will be in red (1), whereas those that correspond the least will be in blue (5).

Your profile identifiers can be found in the top right

Your target profile can change at any time. If you need to change your strategy all you need to do is contact us via the support chat.

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