Qomon offers default settings, but you may want to customise your Qomon experience to match your exact needs or the way your organisation operates!

So, what can be customised and how to do it?

What can I customise on Qomon and how?

The status

The status makes it possible to qualify your contact database in depth, at the center of the app.

The Tasks

The task allows you to list actions to be taken or tasks associated with a contact to stay organised.

The Contact card 

Here you can identify what a contact is for your organisation directly on the app.

For example, some may be simply a city and a name. For others, it could be an identification code and a phone number. 

This tab allows you to configure the contact cards that correspond to your needs to make things quick and simple!

The Surveys

Make surveys and conditional questions in Survey > Creation

The name of my space or your organisation invitation code

The title says it all! Just head over to the "organisation settings" tab of your Qomon Dashboard (web platform)

More customisation?

More customisation is possible, just go through our sales department.

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