Here are the 4 essential steps to use Qomon at full capacity from the first hour:

1️⃣ Import your data

Do you have a file that you wish to import into the Qomon app?

Just follow our contact import guide 📁

2️⃣ Invite your teams

Invite your teams to use the Qomon app.

You have four user levels:

  • Members only have access to the mobile app.

  • Field Organizers have access to the mobile and web app with very limited permissions. They do not have access to the contact database.

  • Staff Member have access to the mobile and web app with restricted permissions on settings and export data. 

  • Admins have unlimited access to the functionality of both apps.

3️⃣ Customise your space

The Qomon app comes with default settings, but you can customise your settings at any time.
To do this, use this article:

4️⃣ Create your first survey

The survey is an essential component of the mobilisation process. It is at the heart of the Qomon app. Surveys are not only extremely engaging for the citizens, but they also allow you to bring up valuable information from the field.

Take the time to read the articles on our help center:

Have a great mobilisation with Qomon!

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