What is Sendinblue Audience and what does it do?

Sendinblue Audience is an email management platform specifically designed for mass-emailing and email campaigns. In the context of Qomon, this could be email campaigns sent to your contacts.

Why connect Sendinblue Audience with Qomon?

Synchronise your contacts automatically. This means that all of your contacts on Qomon, and any new ones that you create, will be sent and added to your Sendinblue contact list automatically. Any modifications you make to a contact on you Qomon space will also be updated on your Sendinblue account. In addition, you have the option to choose which Sendinblue audience to add specific contacts to right from your Qomon account.

How to connect Sendinblue with Qomon?

  1. Log into the Qomon web app

  2. Go on "Settings" tab and click on 'Connect & API'

  3. Click on the "Sendingblue Audience" selector to activate it.

  4. Once you activate the selector, an API Key request will appear. Fill it in with the API Key found in your Sendinblue account. How to generate API on Sendinblue

  5. Click Send and there you go! Your account is all ready. Start categorizing your contacts into your Sendinblue audiences right from your Qomon contact database.

How to use Sendinblue Audience with Qomon?

Find out how to use Sendinblue Transactional with Qomon here

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