How to use Brevo Transactional
Find out how to send emails to your contact directly from your Qomon space
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How to use Brevo Transactional?

You have the power to send emails directly from your Qomon account.

To see how to connect your Qomon account to Brevo, click here.

  1. Head over to your contact database and filter your contacts however you'd like. We recommend to at least have the "email available" filter on. You can also used the advanced filters.

  2. After you've loaded your filtered list, click on "Actions" and choose "Send an email".

  3. Enter your subject line and start writing the body of your email. When you're ready, click on "Send now" and there you go! Your email has been sent to the selected contacts.

The email will be sent from the generic email associated with the Qomon space.

You can also send up headers and footers for these emails. In order to set this up, contact our support team.

Each contact will have this email registered in their activity history under your Qomon space.

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