How to share petitions

Share petitions using their unique URL or HTML to embed on website

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📬 How to share petitions on Qomon?

There are two ways you can share your petitions after creating and publishing them.

Need help making your petition? Read this article first: How to create and publish my petition.

The image shows the different options you have when sharing a petition with Qomon

1) URL:

A URL, commonly called web address, allows you to easily find a page on the internet. It is a unique identifier and each published petition gets one! 🥳

💡 Tip: In order to easily share a petition, you can create a QR code linked to your petition URL. This allows you to share a flyer, poster etc. that will send your supporters directly to your online petition. Many sites do this for free like Qr Code generator.

The image shows the possibility of customizing your petition's url

2) Embed to your website:

Use your website's traffic to help collect more signatures!

To embed the signature form to your website, click on the sharing icon > embed. Copy the code on the popup window. Adjust the height and width of this form according to your website for a smooth integration. Paste the code into your web editor and you're ready to go!

The header is the top part of the form that allows you to see the number of signatures. You can remove it if you wish.

The image shows which part of the code is linked to the possibility of removing the number of signatures
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