How to create a petition

Creating and customizing a petition on Qomon

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Petition Creation

Head over to your "Petition" tab on the left hand navigation bar and click "Create petition". Follow the petition setup questions.

1) Customize your petition

1) Add an image

2) Create a color palette by clicking on the "brush" at the top of the page.

3) Modify settings by clicking on the "⚙️" at the top of the page.

4) Choose which fields to make available on your signature form ⬇️

You get to choose what fields are visible, invisible, or mandatory. These fields are directly linked to your contact database.

2) Publish 🥳


  • Referenced: Your petition page will be referenced in search engines. This means that it will be visible when the title is searched in search engines like Google.

  • Not referenced: Your petition will only be searchable with the unique link created when the petition was published.

URL Link: This is a unique identifier that will allow you to easily share your petition on different digital channels.

3) Now share!

Embed to website: You can add the signature form to your website. All supporters will be sent directly to your Qomon database.

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