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If I exceed my subscription contact limit, what happens?
If I exceed my subscription contact limit, what happens?
What happens to my subscription and my bills?
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What is the contact limit?

When you choose your main subscription, you also select a volume of contacts to manage and process on Qomon (also called "contact limit"). You chose this value when you signed up for the subscription, but don't worry:

Your subscription grows with you! ๐Ÿค

How much leeway is allowed?

To allow you maximum flexibility, we grant you a margin of up to +10% of your subscription limit. ๐ŸŽ

That is, if you have a 15,000 contact subscription, you can have up to 16,500 contacts before changing your subscription.

What happens if you go over:

In the case of a monthly subscription:

If you choose a monthly subscription, if you exceed the number of contacts, your subscription will be updated on the anniversary date.

Example: For a monthly subscription that starts on January 1st, if you exceed your contact limit on January 14th, your subscription will be updated to the upper limit on February 1st.

In the case of an annual subscription:

If you choose an annual subscription, you will receive a pro-rated invoice for the time remaining in your subscription period.

Example: For a subscription from January 1 to January 1, if you exceed your contact limit on March 6, then you will receive an adjustment invoice only for the period from March 6 to the following January 1.

For more information on the limits and additional margins related to your subscription, please contact us via our support center.

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