How to customize your Tasks

Create tasks options to be carried out for each contact

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❗CAUTION: The modifications made here will be directly visible on the mobile app, this could impact your team and your past actions.❗

​What are “Tasks”?

Tasks can be assigned to each contact you get in touch with. Essentially, it's a way for you to know what to do next, after contacting them through an action. You have the power to decide what tasks are available when you and your members meet with contacts and to never forget your contacts' wishes.

If you are in the field, this feature allows you to send information instantly through the Automatic Email & Replies feature.

How to modify tasks?

Head over to your Profile > Space Settings > Contacts/CRM > Tasks Channels.

Tasks are pre-registered in your Qomon space when you first log in.

  • To modify a task, click on it, make your modification, and save.

  • To add a line, click on "Add a subfield". You can also delete them by clicking on the X to the right of the line.

  • The small ⛓on the far right of your line allows you to create a sub-action (conditioned on the answers put before). For example, Next Steps: Contact Again (Action) > Make a donation (sub-action), Join the team (sub-action).

❗️You can always go back by clicking on the "Choose a template" at the top of your page and selecting "Go back to default task channels." ❗️

Other possible customizations:

  • Save a reminder or transition date, for example. 📝

  • The mobile app user can also leave a comment for the staff member or field organizer. 📫

  • Send an automatic email based on a selected task

To know more about automatic emails click here.

What about the mobile app?

Tasks on the mobile app are directly synchronized from the web platform as soon as you "Save". ✅

Once a task is assigned to a contact, you can find it in the "Tasks" tab. From this tab,

you can filter and find all of the actions that need to be performed.

Any questions? Contact support!

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