Qomon provides you with the necessary tools to optimize your resources and your impact.

First of all, how do I know the distribution of my members in the field?

If you are wondering: What is a member? How can I invite members to Qomon? Check out this article.

The objective is to create actions near the areas where your volunteers live/work.

On the map, you can see the positions of the members according to their address (Don't worry, it's not a real-time location, it's according to the address they defined when creating their accounts 😅) With this information, you can then locate your actions more easily!

Next, how can I visualize my mobilization in the field?

From here, you can visualize and analyze your field mobilization.

By ticking the "Visit" and/or "Level of Support" boxes, you can display the relevant contacts on the map. You can try different combinations and analyze the areas where you have had the most impact.

On the "Mobilization" tab on the left, you will find a global report of your mobilization in a particular area (here Camden Town in London)

How can I see the territorial coverage of my actions?

In a few clicks, you are able to see your actions' distribution on your territory. You will be able to see the areas covered by door-to-door / handout mail, in which places the events took place, etc.

You can display each type of action by ticking the box.

Some will be displayed by colored figures (door to door, handout mail and calling) while others will be specific locations (meeting points, events, etc.)

💡 Going even further:

Clicking on the figure will display the contacts in the action.

Red dots mean contacts to visit and green dots are visited contacts.

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