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Email Integration with Qomon

How does Qomon’s email integration work?

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What is Qomon’s email integration?

Qomon’s email integration gives you the ability to link your email inbox to your contact database, allowing you to view message threads and respond to messages with your contacts directly though Qomon. Only emails that are associated with that contact will be visible on their contact card.

Why integrate your email with Qomon?

Integrating your email with Qomon means you and your team* can easily view all email communication with your contacts right on their individual contact card and respond to them. You’ll be able to:

⭐️ Centralize all email exchanges between a contact and your team
⭐️ Keep in touch with your contacts

⭐️ Personalize communication

⭐️ Easily move between tabs to consult information before replying

⭐️ Keep track of and complete tasks all in one place

* optional and admin only

How does it work?

Once your inbox is connected, it might take up to several hours for the synchronization to be complete. Synchronization time will depend on the volume of emails between you and your contacts. You’ll be able to click on contacts on your contact database and view email message threads associated with the integrated email address right on the “Email” tab.

You will be given the option to keep your email integration private, meaning only you will be able to view exchanges between your email inbox and your contacts.

Once you are in the email tab of a contact card, you can view all incoming and outgoing emails between the contact and any/all inboxes from you and your team members that have been integrated.

You will also be able to respond to messages or compose and send new ones directly from your Qomon space using your connected email.

All messages from before the time of synchronization will be available.

How to connect your email inbox with Qomon

It's very simple! Here are our support articles on how to connect your Gmail and Outlook inboxes to your Qomon account:

⭐️ How to integrate your Gmail inbox with Qomon
⭐️ How to integrate your Outlook inbox with Qomon

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