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How do Citipo and Qomon work together? 🤝
How do Citipo and Qomon work together? 🤝
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How do Citipo and Qomon work together?

Citipo and Qomon work together to help you take action as elected officials, campaign teams, movements or ngos.

With Qomon and Citipo, you will get to enjoy a modern and affordable website, and online and offline mobilization tools. Together they offer a powerful database, a digital and field organizing tool, as well as mapping features and data analysis.

Why use Citipo and Qomon together?

If you use Qomon and Citipo together you will be able to cover a whole range of citizen engagement: Internet and face-to-face interactions or, in other words, online and off.

Using them together allows you to have an engaging website, manage your community online, and to maintain a clean database. With easy-to-use digital tools you can truly jump into targeted communication, peer-to-peer and grassroots organizing, field actions, mapping and territory analysis..

Let’s discover how Citipo and Qomon can be used together and how you can create a 360° digital infrastructure to build your movement, run for office, manage your volunteers online and on the field.

1️⃣ With Qomon: Build long-lasting relationships with citizens and manage your community of supporters to take action on the field. Get data analysis tools to better understand the dynamic of your territory.

  • Powerful Database that includes tags, historic, tasks to follow up with contacts and duplicate-management

  • An easy-to-use Mobile app to mobilize on the go

Depending on your plan, you can add contacts, consult citizens with a survey, or lead field actions such as canvassing, mailing, or even organize events with your volunteers.

  • Mapping Dashboard with powerful analytics to better target and understand your territory.

2️⃣ With Citipo : You can reach new audiences thanks to a customized website linked to your social networks. Use mass-messaging tools to target your supporters and share special content and events to your community.

  • Reach new audiences : Display your team, vision and newsfeed on a website linked to your social networks. Schedule your posts and follow analytics.

  • Target your supporters : send targeted email campaigns to your supporters depending on their location or preferences.

  • Share special contents with your community : Follow up with your contacts and share exclusive content and events in the members' area.


Citipo and Qomon integration gives you the freedom for both your ONLINE and your OFFLINE mobilization efforts.

What does the integration cover?

✅ contacts

✅ surveys

1️⃣ Contacts

To have and maintain a clean contact database and never miss an opportunity, a contact that signs in on your website will be added to your Qomon database with the special tag “From website” or “From Citipo”. If we suspect a duplicate contact you will be able to merge the two contact files.

The contacts sent from Qomon to Citipo are ones with email addresses. That way, you can contact people through your Citipo space by email.

2️⃣ Surveys

The data you collect during a canvassing session with the Qomon app will be synced with your Citipo account. If the people you meet on the ground give a specific survey answer or wish to donate, you’ll be able keep track and follow up appropriately from Qomon or Citipo.

In Qomon, select the survey questions for which you want the responses to be reflected on profiles in Citipo (they may not all be relevant). Each response will have a specific tag that will be easily identifiable in Citipo for communication purposes.

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