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How Qomon's firewall helps protect your contact database's integrity
How Qomon's firewall helps protect your contact database's integrity

Find out how Qomon's Online form and Petition features help in blocking inaccurate, unusable data and spam attacks

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How Qomon's firewall helps protect your contact database's integrity:

The Petitions and Online Forms features incorporate a smart firewall designed to monitor the submitted data's quality and integrity. This provides advanced protection against spam and malicious activities (such as hacking, flooding, etc.), which is essential when it comes to online mobilization.

🔍 Optimized filter for conversion

Accurate data is crucial to mobilizing effectively. Our firewall carefully analyzes each incoming contact from your Petitions or Online Forms, detecting input errors, typos, or non-existent domains in email addresses. By automatically filtering out low-quality entries, your contact database remains reliable and usable. Say goodbye to incorrect email addresses that hinder your mobilization or communication abilities, and focus your time on targeted efforts with your new contacts.

⚠️ Anti-spam protection and enhanced security

Qomon Online Forms and Petitions systems are reinforced with protection against malicious activities. By detecting spam and flood attempts (sending large amounts of useless data), your contact database is protected from threats and attacks on your Forms.

🔥 How our smart firewall protects contact privacy

The Qomon firewall operates without collecting personal data and does not place cookies on your contacts' computers. The Qomon firewall is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPL, and other laws on personal data.

📋 What if the petition counter displays a different number than the number of contacts in the database?

For both the Petition URL and Petition website integration, the Petition counter displays the number of signatures collected online, including offline signatures and deducting duplicate signatures. In some cases, Petition signatures are placed in “quarantine” for further analysis by our internal tools. This verification process can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. If you notice a significant discrepancy or want more information about the signatures in quarantine, please contact your account manager.

🛑 How to access list of blocked contacts

The list of blocked contacts includes data that has been analyzed as non-compliant, of poor quality, or posing a significant security risk to your contact database. In some cases, subject to availability and after a technical review, your account manager can provide you with the list of contacts placed in quarantine.

💻 Can't find contacts you added through online forms or petitions?

Our firewall detects abnormal behavior. Occasionally, very intense input activity can be interpreted as abnormal behavior. To protect your contact database, the smart firewall will transfer data to the quarantine list. Contact your account manager before engaging in intense activity to adjust your form's or petition's protection levels.

🤔 Can you disable data integrity protection?

It is not possible to disable data integrity protection in online forms and petitions at this moment. Use a third-party form with a Zapier connection if you do not want your contact database to be protected (for example: Typeform + Zapier; Google Forms + Zapier; Facebook Forms + Zapier).

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