How to create online forms

Online forms is a powerful, adaptable, and secure way for you to grow your database

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How to create online forms

📋Online form examples:

You can create and share forms for various purposes, such as:

  • Event registration

  • Membership Newsletter subscription

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • and more...

❔More info on Qomon's Online Forms:

🤔 How to create a form?

Go to the "Forms" tab > click on "Create a form" and follow the next steps.

The images shows how to create a form from the "Forms" tab on the Qomon platform

  • You will first be asked to input a name for the form, along with the organization: For the name, pick something short and to the point that reflects the purpose of the form.

  • Assign a tag to those who complete the form: Read here for more about tags.

  • Assign a support level to those who complete the form: Read here for more about support levels.

Some small specifics:

Several settings are customizable for each field:

  • Field Names: You can change field labels without having to modify it in your space settings

  • Field Descriptions: Add if specifics are needed.

  • You can make fields Mandatory/Optional and Visible/Invisible.

  • Placeholders: Write an example of a field's response.

  • Default Value: This value will be pre-populated. The contact will need to modify or delete it.

Customize your survey:

You have the option to further personalize your form by editing form settings, and the color palette of your form! 🎨

The image shows how to customize your form

Add action buttons

You can add the option to join your network or an external link directly after completing the form!

Just click on confirmation to see what the form filler will see after completion. You have the option to add multiple different social medias and change the way they look.

🥳And that’s it!

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