How to use Mailchimp with Qomon

Find out how to send your Qomon contacts to your Mailchimp audiences

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How to use Mailchimp with Qomon

Make sure you've integrated Mailchimp and Qomon. Find out how here.

How to send Qomon contacts over to Mailchimp audiences

First step (once Mailchimp is activated) is to go to your contact database. You will then select the contacts you want to add to an email list: either by selecting all or using filters to be more specific.

Next, select the “Actions” tab and select “Send to Mailchimp”. This is your new “Mailchimp audience” that you can name reflecting the purpose of this list.

For example, health group or volunteer group.

That's all there is to it! 🥳

Your contacts are sent to Mailchimp. Log on to the application and start sending Emails.

💡 Tip: Create Mailchimp audiences based on your contacts' interests. Use your survey response filters on Qomon to send contacts to those specific interest audiences so that they receive relevant information.

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