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How to change your password from the Qomon mobile app
How to change your password from the Qomon mobile app

Can’t connect? Forgot your password? Or you just want to change it? Here's how!

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Why would you change your password?

  • Because you can’t connect anymore (conflicting login/password) 😢

  • Because you forgot your password (it happens) 😅

  • Because you just want to change your password (changing it from time to time increases security) 😆

If you can’t seem to connect to the app:

Qomon Mobile App: Forgot Password Pages

On the screen, click on “Forgot password?”

  1. Enter your email address linked to your Qomon account

  2. You will receive an email to reset your password

  3. Change your password, and login again with your new password!

  4. You’re all done!

If you want to change your password:

Qomon Mobile App: Change password

Open your mobile application:

  1. Go to the “Profile” tab on the bottom right of your screen > then select the small gear wheel ⚙️ at the top right of the screen

  2. Click on “🔧 Change password”

  3. Enter your old password and then choose a new one

  4. Click “Update your status”

  5. You’re done!

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