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How "Actions" appear and are organized on Qomon's Mobile App
How "Actions" appear and are organized on Qomon's Mobile App

Read this article to find out how Actions appear on your mobile app, and how to sort them

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Actions on Qomon are generally created by an admin from your organisation and can be accessed on the mobile app and the web app.

How are Actions Displayed on the Mobile App?

Your organizations actions such as door-to-door, social sharing, phone-banking, challenges, canvassing, events, etc. are all accessible on the mobile app. The way in which the actions appear is the same whether you are using the Qomon app or a white-label app with the colors of your organization.

When you access the mobile app, you will find actions in the HQ, as well as in the Actions tab.

🏠 HQ: This tab shows “your latest actions”

  • The Action with the soonest start date will be shown at the top of this page.

  • Tehn, you see actions with a start and/or end date.

✊Actions: The Action tab is split into four sections

  • Quick Actions for Right Now

    • These are actions with no start or end date.

      For example a Share action / Social Amplification that you can launch at any time!

  • Actions in Progress

    • Actions that have a start date that is today or in the past but which have no end date or an end date in the future

      For example, a phonebanking action that started last week, and there is no scheduled end date for it.
      So, as an Admin when you create an event, it is always better to add an end-date to avoid having inactive Action in progress.

  • Upcoming Actions

    • Upcoming actions will show anything with a start date that hasn't yet passed.

      For example, your big canvassing event for next weekend will be in this section.

  • Completed

    • Actions which have an end date in the past but which administrators have not marked completed on the admin panel.

    • All the actions that your administrator has marked as completed will disappear from the mobile app.

      For example, a canvassing action that happened last weekend and not marked as completed from admin pannel will be here.

🔍 Sorting your Actions

To sort your actions, all you need to do is select the filter button in the top right corner, and you can sort three different ways! Recents, Start date, and Creation date.

mobile actions filter

🥳 And that’s it! Don’t hesitate to reach out to support if you have any further questions. Happy mobilizing!

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