Small note on how to use the survey

If you haven’t done it (yet), you can check the following articles that will help you better understand this one, which is a more advanced and complicated feature regarding surveys.

Now that we are up to speed regarding the different ways of creating and writing a survey, we can move on to the main subject: How to set up a multiple choice survey?

What is it?

💡 The main idea is to use the conditional question system so you can have a choice between 2 or more surveys and to use them at the right time.

Under which circumstances may you need to use several surveys?🎯

  • To make a difference between a door-to-door or meeting survey and a phone one.

  • Use different surveys depending on the subject you want to address (Ecology, production, consultation,etc.)

  • Have different questions depending on the region (North, South or according to the neighbourhood)

  • Do A/B testing. Having 2 different surveys that you could randomly use in order to analyse which one is more relevant and gives you more information.

  • To adapt your survey to the person you are about to meet. You can prepare XX different surveys and choose one at the time of the meeting.

How to set up the multiple choice survey?

The first question when you are launching the survey will be decisive/crucial. You do not have to use it as a real question to ask your contact person/interviewer.

For example, you can use this question:

  • Which survey should you use? Answers: door-to-door, phone call, etc.

Then, you must link all the questions you want to ask to that first one that defined the type of survey!

Like here:

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