Why create a survey?

Even if the answers interest you only moderately and that you’re not in a consultation phase, it’s still important to create a form. But why?

  • Because it serves as a support for conversation for your teams and it's super useful in guiding them!

  • Because it puts the focus back on the person by listening

  • Because questions are a great way to engage in a conversation!

Create a survey from a template

To help you launch your mission, Qomon offers 2 default templates to make a first survey and show you our features. Just click on the info bubble to load one of our templates. Modify it to your liking then click on "Post", and.. Ta-da! It’s done!

Create a survey from a blank page

You see this page and don’t know what to do? Don’t panic!

Sections are groups of questions. They allow you to gather the questions in uniform blocks, thus making it easier than ever to navigate in your survey.

Add your first section and rename it if needed. Click on "add a question". By default, it is a "Short response" type of question, which is an unrestrained field. You can choose a type of the question from the following types:

  • Multiple choice (possibility to check several options)

  • Date

  • Numerical interval

  • Short response

  • Single response (only one option can be selected)

Each type of question has its specificities, feel free to play around with the types to familiarise yourself!

In the case of multiple choices and single answers, you can add as many responses as you want.

⚠️Once you’re satisfied, select "Publish", then you can right away view the result on your mobile app :)

Add a question or a logical conditional answer

Your survey can become even more powerful, thanks to the logical conditional logic mode!

The conditional mode allows you to display a question/answer if and only if a specific answer has been given.

The advantage is that you can avoid wasting time on the field by simply avoiding unnecessary questions.

User expert (Add-on): Configure automatic emails

On Qomon, you have the possibility to configure the automatic sending of e-mail to a citizen at the end of the meeting.

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