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The powerful conditional function
The powerful conditional function

Discover how to use the conditional system in your surveys and tasks

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The conditional function

What to make your survey more effective? Look no further and discover the conditional function!

The conditional mode allows you to display a question if and only if a specific answer is chosen. This allows you to save time on the field by avoiding unnecessary questions.

To activate the conditional mode, select the symbol (small string) at the end of a label to link that question or answer to a previous answer. You can organize your surveys to avoid asking unnecessary questions or suggest only answers that are consistent with previous answers!

The image shows how the conditional mode works with Qomon

⚠️Heads up: If a question does not appear, consider submitting the survey and refreshing the page. The system will have registered the answers to validate the question.

At a glance, you will be able to find which response corresponds to the active filter with our color coding system (yellow goes with yellow, red with red etc.).

The image shows how to know if you have properly set the conditional function in your survey

Good practices 👌🏼:

  • Use your first questions to divide your surveys if needed.

  • Use the first few questions as a guide for your volunteers.

Example: Multiple Surveys
Q1 I have met this citizen: A1. On the street. A2. On the phone. A3. Door to door etc..

  • Use an "Other" question only if the "Other" field has been selected by the citizen.

  • Make your tasks much more precise without weighing down the discussion.

Example: "Interested in being contacted again" ➡️ "Contacted again for" ➡️ "Participate in events", "Receive the program" etc ...

🚀 It's simple and intuitive! So, try it for yourself and get started with Qomon!

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