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How do Qomon and NationBuilder integrate?
How do Qomon and NationBuilder integrate?

Find out what type of information gets synced over and how between your NationBuilder and Qomon accounts.

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How do Qomon and NationBuilder integrate?

Qomon and NationBuilder have a native integration that allows you to rally and organize your community both digitally and on-the-ground.

What does the integration cover?


1. Contacts and tags

Syncing contacts between NationBuilder and Qomon will allow you to efficiently identify your volunteers and assign them to canvassing and/or phonebanking actions and rally supporters with targeted field actions and communication.

From NationBuilder to Qomon

Contacts are synced between NationBuilder and Qomon. You can easily identify contacts coming from NationBuilder in your Qomon “Contacts” tab as they have a NationBuilder icon and a "NationBuilder" tag.

When hovering over the icon, you will see a confirmation message “This contact is synchronized with NationBuilder”.

The NationBuilder icon appears on your Qomon contact card

How is data synchronized from NationBuilder to Qomon?

  • All contacts in your NationBuilder account with a postal code will be sent to Qomon, making them available for field operations. They will get a “NationBuilder” tag in Qomon. New signups from the website with a postal address will also be added to your Qomon database with a “From website” tag.

  • When information, such as address, phone number, support level, member status, contact status or tag, is updated on a profile in NationBuilder, it gets updated in Qomon as well. This process takes up to 2 minutes.

From Qomon to NationBuilder

The Qomon tag on NationBuilder

How is data synchronized from Qomon to NationBuilder?

  • All contacts in Qomon with an email address or a mobile phone number will be sent to your NationBuilder account.

  • When information such as address, phone number, support level, member status, contact status, tag, survey responses is updated in Qomon, it gets updated in NationBuilder as well.


Tags are synchronized between Qomon and NationBuilder:

✅ If a tag is added to a contact on Qomon, it will be reflected on NationBuilder.

✅ If a tag is added to a contact on NationBuilder, it will be reflected on Qomon.
❌ If a tag is modified, (ex. changing a "Ecology Support" tag to "EcoSupport") it will not be synced. We recommend deleting the original tag and creating a new one on Qomon if you'd for it to be synced with NationBuilder and vice versa.

Important to know: NationBuilder to Qomon modifications and synchronizations are not processed in bulk. This means that if you're modifying hundreds of contacts within one minute on NationBuilder, none of those changes will be reflected on Qomon. We recommend mass modifying on Qomon so that the changes are reflected on NationBuilder.

2. Surveys

To set up survey questions to be synced to NationBuilder:

Forms > Survey > Enable NationBuilder Sync on questions you'd like synced over

The data you collect during a canvassing session with the Qomon app will be synced with your NationBuilder account.

As your volunteers carry out surveys on the street with the Qomon app, answers given by supporters will be added to their NationBuilder profile as tags, along with a “Qomon” tag.

3. Level of support

The main purpose of assigning Level of Support to contacts is to allow you to create and target actions in accordance to support levels.

Head over to Settings > Contacts/CRM > Level of Support

When enabling the NationBuilder sync for your Qomon levels of support, you'll then need to match the Qomon levels of support with their NationBuilder equivalent at the bottom right-hand side of each support with the drop down menu.

4. Actions & Events

Prepare actions on Qomon and publish them on NationBuilder! 🤩

In order to gain more engagement from your volunteers, you can have a connection between the "action" system in Qomon and the "event" system in NationBuilder.

When you create an action on the Qomon platform, an event page is automatically created in NationBuilder.

If you'd like this option set up - contact support here.

Why use NationBuilder and Qomon together?

We know that keeping track of relationships is key in order to create trust and build your movement. That’s why we’ve made it easy to sync contacts and surveys between Qomon and NationBuilder.

By using NationBuilder and Qomon together you will be able to cover more:


  • Action oriented websites for acquisition, engagement and peer-to peer recruitment

  • Advanced communication tools to send targeted communication

  • Fundraising tools to raise micro-donations


  • Tool for digital, peer-to-peer and grassroots organizing

  • Field operation management with a mobile app

  • Mapping and territory analysis

The integration between the two systems allows you to have an consolidated database.

You can enjoy a 360° digital ecosystem, never miss an opportunity to connect with your team/supporters nor lose any important information. This is what being ahead of the game looks like!

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