Use Qomon as an Admin 💻

The admin's guide to Qomon! What can you do as an admin?

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Use Qomon as an Admin 💻


You’re now the admin of your Qomon space! Congrats and welcome!

With great power also comes great responsibility! This mini guide is here to help you get the best out of Qomon with 5 simple actions and to suggest some good practices for your everyday use.


Qomon is a mobilization platform and a mobile app. This tool is here to help you mobilize more and better by creating a community of empowered members (through the mobile app). Qomon helps you set automations, create actions, structure your organization, and give you access to data analysis.

  1. It’s made up of a web platform, accessible by:

    • Administrators (that’s you!)

    • Staff

    • Field Organizers

    You can log in from an Internet browser here (recommended browser: Google Chrome).

    2. A mobile app to support you and your team members in the field! 📱

    The mobile app is for everyone you invite to join, but also for you whenever

    you’re on the field.

    The app is like a digital notebook and allows all information to be saved and sent automatically to headquarters so there's no risk of losing any.

The mobile app is for everyone you invite to join, but also for you whenever

you’re on the field.

The app is like a digital notebook and allows all information to be saved and sent automatically to headquarters so there's no risk of losing any.


  1. Sign in to the app and invite your teams

  2. Prepare your space for mobilization

  3. Launch your actions and manage your contact database

  4. Follow the evolution of your actions

  5. Strategize and explore your city

Step 1: Log in and invite others to use the Qomon app

  • As an admin, you have access to a web platform (like a dashboard). Log in to the platform here:

The people you invite on Qomon will only have access to the mobile app as a default, which you can download as well. Usernames are the same as on the web app if you’re an admin. Download the mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Step 1.1: Invite your team to Qomon

There are 2 ways to do it:

  • Ask your team to download the Qomon app. They can create an account, and then you can give them the organization’s secret access code (which is found on the web app under “Space Settings”)

  • Invite your activists via the Qomon dashboard ( > “Users & Teams” tab > “Invite User” > The invitee receives an email inviting them to create an account.

Step 1.2: Organize your activists

  • Allocate roles: Once a member is has created a profile on your space, choose their rights and accesses by giving them a role (Administrator, Field Coordinator, Staff, Member, etc.). Here’s an article explaining the different roles on Qomon.

  • Create teams (Add-on): To keep things organized, you can create teams! Whether it be by area or by theme, this will help you in structuring your actions. A person can be a member of several teams.

Step 2: Choose your settings on Qomon

As an administrator, you also have the role as a strategist. You must prepare and configure the application so that it meets your daily needs and optimises your actions and those of your team.

The Qomon app comes with default settings to allow quick launching and mobilizing. However, you can modify them according to your needs.

Step 2.1: Configure the survey

The survey helps initiate and guide conversation for your teams! It puts the person you’re surveying at the center of the conversation and allows your to gather valuable information. For more information, check out this article.

Step 2.2: Configure the statuses

Statuses allow you to categorize your contacts. It compliments the information you already have on contacts. Typically, it reflects their level of support (strong supporter, undecided...) but you're free to make it whatever suits you and your movement best. For more information, check out this article.

Step 2.3: Configure the tasks

Tasks are follow-up instructions to take with the people you approach. They allow you to know which next step to take with a person you, or your teams, have had contact with. For more information, check out this article.

Step 2.4: Configure automated emails (Add-on)

Automated emails can be configured to send an email to a person who has answered your survey. You can adapt the body of the email in accordance to the answers given during the meeting. For more information, check out this article.

Step 2.5: Set up your SMS account (Add-on)

You can send SMS messages from Qomon to citizens you've met and who have consented for their data to be used. You can program SMS communication campaigns. Here's an article to help you.

Step 2.6: Publish your documents and materials

To make your document available for your volunteers to see on their mobile app, upload the documents on your Qomon web platform. This will give volunteers full access to all documents right in their hands. For more information, check out this article.

Step 3: Create your first actions (Add-on)

The action is far-reaching on the Qomon web app. You can create actions:

  • from the "Maps" tab, start by choosing the territory

  • from the "Actions" tab by first choosing the type of action

  • from the "Contacts" tab by selecting filters

The "Actions" tab is the simplest way to create your actions. Simply select a type of action, a date, a time, etc.

There are 2 types of actions:

  • Actions that allow you to generate lists (calls, canvassing, leaflets)

  • Actions that allow you to get organized with your teams

Tips ✨: Don’t hesitate to create upstream actions, a bit like “retro-planning”, to give visibility to your teams and help you organize!

Step 3.1 Manage your files and process the info reported by your members

All of the contacts encountered and registered will be found in your contact database. You can play around with the filters.

  • Use your contact database as a hub where you can follow your organization's relationship with each person.

Step 3.2 Manage your Tasks

  • From the “Tasks” tab on your dashboard, access the information reported by your members using the mobile app.

  • This allows you to process feedback, and once processed, simply indicate the action as 'finished' by checking it. ✔️

Step 4. Analyze and follow the evolution of your actions

  • From "Dashboard", you can follow the evolution, zone by zone and team by team, of your mobilization efforts. This will help you strategize and re-motivate your teams if need be.

  • You can also follow your progress from the "Map" tab, where you can view actions and progress.

  • You can consult responses from submitted surveys under the “Survey” tab.

Step 5: Use the strategic data (Add-on)

Depending on your subscription and geographic location, you get your own strategy space in which you can view socio-economic data:

  • In the "Maps" tab, you can navigate through socio-economic (housing, standard of living, etc.) and political data to better understand and plan your actions or communication.

  • Use the "Cross analysis" tool to target areas according to specific themes to target and prioritize your zones of action. This is a fairly advanced action.

  • Use the “Insights” tab to obtain a deeper understanding of the demographic makeup of your priority areas and your contacts in comparison to the general population of that area.


  • Prepare your space well and match it to your needs as soon as possible. You will be even more impactful!

  • Distribute the roles: you can't do everything! Don’t forget to organize your team and define their missions in your organization. Don’t let any precious information from the field be left behind.

We advise you to divide the missions into 3 categories:

  • Mobilization: Responsible for organizing actions, monitoring actions, mobilizing teams, etc.

  • Contact Management: Responsible for managing the contact database, information feedback, communication, etc.

  • Strategy: Responsible for the analysis of the survey, analysis of the territory, etc.

⚠️Warning: When processing personal data, you are subject to GDPR rules. Here is an article about GDPR with Qomon.


  • A help center is available at You will find many articles to help you use all of the app’s features.

  • Contact the support team via the chat on the app and web app.

  • The Qomon Training Program: contact our team if you would like to benefit from an online training program or an onsite training session


  • “It doesn't work, it’s not letting me sign in!" When using Qomon for the first time, remember to confirm your e-mail address! This is to avoid robots! 🤖 This is one of the most commonly asked questions.

  • “I didn’t receive the account creation confirmation email!” Look in your SPAM folder. Sometimes, it just happens 😅

  • "I get a white screen during installation, what’s going on?" The app pre-loads information during installation. Remember to have a good mobile network when downloading the app. Having problems? Close and restart the app.

  • "I don't see the actions that I created on the web app." Some browsers have trouble with instant changes. We recommend Chrome. If they still do not load, close out of the app and reopen.

  • Do not confuse passwords and invitation codes!! When you or your activists create an account, enter a personal password. The organization’s invitation code only allows you to join your campaign space at the end of the Qomon account creation process.

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