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How to set up Qomon/NationBuilder integration
How to set up Qomon/NationBuilder integration

Find out how to integrate your nation to your Qomon space(s)

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How to set up Qomon/NationBuilder integration

Keep your contact information up-to-date and drive actions with your NationBuilder supporters by integrating it with Qomon.

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Step 1: Import any pre-existing contacts on NationBuilder to Qomon.

​If you haven't exported your contacts from NationBuilder - the first step is to export your NationBuilder contact list, with all contact information you'd like to have available on Qomon, and make sure each contact's NationBuilder ID # is there. ​You can use this import template to then format your NationBuilder export file. ​Once your file is ready, launch your import on Qomon - making sure to link up the NationBuilder ID # column to "External ID #" in Qomon. ​​

Step 2: Install Qomon to your NationBuilder

Head over to your nation control panel and click on Settings > App > Add new app. Then, search for "Qomon" and click 'Install'.

Step 3: Install NationBuilder to Qomon

Log into your Qomon account and head to Space Settings > Connect & API. Find NationBuilder and click on the toggle on the right which will make a field appear where you will input your nation name. ​

You'll be redirected to your nation to sign in unless you're already signed in. Once authenticated, congrats! Your two favorite platforms are now connected 🤝​

All synchronizations will happen after the integration is made. No updates can be made retroactively.​

What if you have multiple Qomon spaces (Organization Pack) but only one nation?

With the NationBuilder <> Qomon API, you can choose a filter that directs your contacts coming from NationBuilder to the correct spaces on Qomon. You get to define one filter, it could be by post code, city, etc.​

You can also choose to define the filter with "starts with". This means you can redirect all contacts from NationBuilder with post codes that start with "75", for example, to a specific Qomon space, etc.

If you'd like to set this up, please contact support before integrating!

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