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How to set up Qomon/NationBuilder integration
How to set up Qomon/NationBuilder integration

Find out how to integrate your nation to your Qomon space(s)

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How to set up Qomon/NationBuilder integration

Keep your contact information up-to-date and drive actions with your NationBuilder supporters by integrating it with Qomon.

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Step 1) Import any pre-existing contacts on NationBuilder to Qomon.

Do you already have contacts as part of your NationBuilder prior to this integration? If yes, continue reading. If not - skip to step 2.

If so - you'll need to export your NationBuilder contact list, with all contact information you'd like to have available on Qomon, and make sure each contact's NationBuilder ID # is there.

You can use this import template to then format your NationBuilder export file.

Once your file is ready, launch your import on Qomon - making sure to link up the NationBuilder ID # column to "External ID #" in Qomon.

Step 2: Install Qomon to your NationBuilder

Head over to your nation control panel and click on Settings > App > Add new app. Then, search for "Qomon" and click 'Install'.

Step 3: Install NationBuilder to Qomon

Log into your Qomon account and head to Settings > Connect & API. Find NationBuilder and click on "See more" and input your nation name.

You'll be redirected to your nation to sign in, unless you're already signed in. Once authenticated, congrats! Your two favorite platforms are now connected 🤝.

All synchronizations will happen after the integration is made. No contacts/updating is able to be made retroactively.

Do you have an Organization Pack with Qomon?

What if you have multiple Qomon spaces but only one nation?

With the NationBuilder <> Qomon API, you can choose a filter that directs where to place contacts coming from NationBuilder to Qomon. You get to define one filter, it could be by post code, city, etc.

You can also choose to define the filter with "starts with". This means you can redirect all contacts from NationBuilder with post codes that start with "75", for example, to a specific Qomon space, etc.

If you'd like to set this up, please contact support before integrating!

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