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Synchronize Qomon actions with NationBuilder events
Synchronize Qomon actions with NationBuilder events

What information from Qomon actions gets included in NationBuilder events

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Synchronize Qomon actions with NationBuilder events

In order to synchronize Qomon actions with NationBuilder events, you'll first need to integrate your Qomon space to your nation:

What does a Qomon action look like on NationBuilder events?

Qomon and NationBuilder have set up a connection between the "action" system in Qomon and the "event" system in NationBuilder so that you can easily engage your volunteers through both platforms.

Essentially, when you create an action (canvassing, calling, sharing, mailing, etc.) from Qomon, an "event" page is created on NationBuilder.

What information is used during synchronization?

  • Action name ➡️ Event name

  • The description given in the action creation ➡️ Event intro

  • Action "additional address" field (if there is one) ➡️ Location

Events are categorized with tags. This will allow you to filter and display only certain types of events according to your needs.

  • Synchronized tags:
    ​1) Teams assigned to the action
    2) Name of the Qomon space
    3) The "Qomon" tag
    4) Type of the action (canvassing, calling, etc)

You can then edit the event page directly on NationBuilder and provide additional information.

If you'd like to set up the Action to Event connection, contact support.

Use cases:

💡 You can share your events on NationBuilder's "Calendar" page.

💡 You can share actions happening in a particular area to recruit volunteers.

💡 If you have multiple Qomon spaces, your events will have different tags and you will be able to filter events by geographic area in NationBuilder.

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