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What is "Connect"?
What is "Connect"?

Find out what "Connect" is and discover all available native integrations with Qomon.

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What is "Connect"?

Connect is Qomon's integrations center. This is where you'll find all integrable tools, programs, and extensions with Qomon's system.

Why use Connect?

If only there was one application that could do it all. Until there is, we've chosen the best apps in their respective sectors to integrate with Qomon so that you can put together the ultimate tool box for your cause.

Depending to the application, you're able to:

  • Instantly and automatically synchronize your contacts.

  • Send emails to your contacts directly from your Qomon space.

  • Share events and actions to your website site.

  • Have your information and data centralized in one place.

  • And much more...😉

How to access the Connect center

  1. Sign into the Qomon web app.

  2. Head over to your Settings > Connect/API

Qomon Connect & API integrations page

What native integrations are possible in Connect?

  • Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an integration platform that allows more than 4,000 apps communicate with one another. Think of it as a digital "pipeline" between two applications. Information is able to flow through the pipeline in both directions.

Zapier <> Qomon Use Case:

  • Connect your database to an online form.

  • Automatically send newly registered Qomon contacts to an emailing platform (Sarbacane, mailjet, mailchimp,...)

Example: Wordpress

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a CMS that allows you to easily create a website using difference extensions.

Zapier <> Qomon Use Case:

  • Send contact details filled in from your website's "subscribe" field or other forms directly to your Qomon contact database.

Example: Typeform

What is Typeform?

Typeform allows you to create online forms.

Typform <> Qomon Use Case:

  • Integrate your online form with your Qomon contact database. As soon as someone fills in your Typeform, they'll be synced to Qomon.

  • Brevo

What is Brevo?

Brevo is emailing platform with high deliverability.

With Brevo, you can integrate with Brevo Transactional & Audience:

  • Brevo Transactional

    • Brevo Transactional allows you send emails directly from your Qomon space to your contacts.

    • Brevo <> Qomon Use Case: Use available filters on your contact database to target small-to-medium sized email campaigns. (1 to 200 emails)

  • Brevo Audience

    • Brevo Audience allows you to automatically sync new contacts from on-the-ground to your Brevo contact database & send Qomon contacts to specific Brevo audiences so that you can send mass email campaigns.

    • Brevo <> Qomon Use Case: Send mass email campaigns on

  • Mailchimp

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a mass emailing platform.

Use Case:

Send contact information to your different Mailchimp audiences directly from your Qomon contact database, allowing you to send emails to them.

  • NationBuilder

What is Nationbuilder?

NationBuilder is known for helping non-profits, movements, and political campaigns in creating and hosting their website and managing their members.

Use case:

Synchronize contacts, surveys, level of support, tags, and actions/events between Qomon and NationBuilder.

  • Cambuildr

What is it?

Cambuildr is a platform that helps you build your movement online.

Use Case:

Synchronize your contacts between Qomon and Cambuildr, send emails, and more.

To integrate Cambuildr and Qomon, contact support


What is is a digital innovation agency.

Use Case:

Integrate polls and public consultations.

To link and Qomon, contact support here.

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