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Here we will talk about the technical content of the API connection between the two platforms. If you want a more general approach, here are the other articles about the NationBuilder and Qomon integration:

List of needs for integration 📝:

Screenshot 1: How to find the NationBuilder API Token

What is the next step?

1️⃣ You must send the NationBuilder Token API AND your "Nation" name to [email protected]

2️⃣ Add the Qomon Token (you previously asked to [email protected]) to your Webhook token.

You will find the following Tab in: Settings ➡️ Developer ➡️ Webhook token (check the screenshot below)

3️⃣ Add the Endpoint URL ( to the following Tab: Settings ➡️ Developer ➡️ Webhook (see screenshot below)

or to the two following POST:

  • Person created

  • Person changed

Don't forget to save between both POST.

Congrats! Your two favorite platforms are now connected 🤝

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