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How to access and change billing information
How to access and change billing information

Find out how to update your billing information from you Qomon space

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How to access billing information:

Click on your profile in the bottom left corner and click Settings > Subscription & Billing

You have a few different options once you are in this tab:

  • Selecting modify my subscription will allow you to talk to support about how to proceed going forwards based on what suits you best.

  • You can also see your email and SMS credits

  • If you select "Invoices and payment methods" you'll need to use the account's billing email to log in. Typically, it's the email address where you receive your Qomon invoices. It may not be your personal email necessarily.

  • You'll then receive a 6-digit authentication code that you need to input.

What changes can you do from your billing account?

  • Add or modify your payment methods: update or change card information

  • You can change the billing information: modify address that appears on your invoices.

  • Download invoices: all paid invoices are downloadable from your billing account.

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