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How and why connect Brevo to Qomon?
How and why connect Brevo to Qomon?

Read to learn more about connecting Brevo to your Qomon space, and about Brevo Webhooks, Transactional, and Lists.

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📧 What is Brevo?

Brevo is an email creation and management platform specifically designed for mass email campaigns. On Qomon, they allow you to send bulk emails directly to your contact database with good deliverability as Brevo is a specialized email sender. You can also send contacts to your Brevo lists.

🔗 Why connect Brevo with Qomon?

Connecting Brevo to Qomon is ideal for those who want to launch mass email campaigns on a regular basis as it is a platform specialized in maximizing deliverability for mass email campaigns. It allows you to:

  • Maximize your deliverability with a professional email sending platform,

  • Qomon already has your contacts, no need to import them to Brevo,

  • Use Qomon filters to target your emails.

💻 How do I connect Brevo with Qomon?

  1. First, you can head over to the Brevo website and sign up choosing the subscription of your choice

  2. Once you have created an account on Brevo you will need to get your Brevo API key (here is an article on how to generate an API on Brevo)

  3. Then on Qomon, click your profile at the bottom left of your screen

  4. Select Space Settings

  5. Choose the Connect & API tab

  6. And select the Integrations tab

  7. Then you can hit the toggle button to enable Brevo Transactional or Brevo List and enter the API key

📤 Configure Brevo Webhooks

Once connected to Brevo (Transactional or Lists), you can set up a Webhook - a URL that provides real-time updates on events from your email campaigns. This allows you to efficiently manage your contact database by tracking the status of emails sent to your contacts.

In your Brevo account, follow these steps to configure your Webhook:

  1. On the left hand side of your screen, find Transactional

  2. Select Settings, and then click on Webhook:

  3. Select 'Add a new Webhook' and a popup will follow

  4. Select as many events as you desire, we recommend you select ALL (at least choose 'Unsubscribed')

  5. Add a description like: Webhook to send events back to Qomon

📋 Difference between Brevo Transactional and Brevo Lists?

Brevo Transactional:

This is the actual Email service on Brevo that is able to be connected to Qomon to send bulk mail.

Brevo Lists:

Automatically synchronize your contacts on Qomon to your Brevo account. All contacts on your Qomon space that have an email available and any new contacts you add will be sent automatically to, or updated in your Brevo contact list.

  1. Head over to your contact database and select the contacts in which you wish to send to a Brevo list. You're able to filter them if you'd like. Just remember, only contacts with a valid email listed in Qomon will be sent. Then, click on "Add to a Brevo list"

  2. Select one or several lists on your Brevo account to send the selected contacts to. Click "Add" to finalize.

Qomon Brevo

🥳 And that's everything to know about your Brevo integration with Qomon. Don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have questions!

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