How to create multiple surveys

Use the conditional survey function to create multiple surveys.

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Create multiple surveys

Have you checked out our other articles on creating a survey? If not, take a quick look to familiarize yourself with this feature. It will help you better understand how to use the conditional function that we'll be talking about in this article:

Now that we are up to speed regarding the different ways of creating and writing a survey, we can learn how to set up multiple surveys in one.

What is the multiple survey function? 😬

💡 The main idea is to use the conditional question function so that you have a choice between 2 or more surveys, and use the right one at the right time.

Under what circumstances may you need to use multiple surveys? 🎯

  • To differentiate between a door-to-door survey and a phone one. ​

  • Use different surveys depending on the subject you want to address (ecology, production, consultation, etc.)

  • To have different questions depending on the region (North, South, or according to the neighborhood)

  • To carry-out A/B testing. Having 2 different surveys that you could randomly use in order to analyze which one is more pertinent and/or allows you to gather more information.

  • To adapt your survey to the person you are about to meet. You can prepare XX different surveys and choose one at the time of the meeting.

How to set up multiple surveys? 📋

The first question on your survey is crucial. You do not have to use it as a real question to ask the person you're speaking to but rather categorize the type of interaction you're having.

For example, you could use this as your first question:

  • Which survey should you use? Answers: door-to-door, phone call, etc...

Then, you have the liberty to create and link all the following questions you may want to ask depending on the type of interaction taking place (the answer to that first question!). In this case, you have one set of questions for door-to-door interactions, and another (potentially similar) set of questions for phone banking interactions.

You can see here that the answer “Door-to-Door Survey” in the first question is linked to the following question noted by the color of the box to the left of the answer and the link to the right of the next question.

The image shows an example for the conditional function in the Qomon survey feature

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