Here are some of the best practices that the Qomon team can give you in order to maximize the adoption of the tool by your members. 🤝

When presenting:

We recommend not to approach the subject by talking about a "tool", "software" or "app" which are words that may scare some future users.

Instead, tell them about the benefits Qomon could bring them. They may see it as assistance rather than monitoring. It can help them to:

  • Save time in their mobilisation.

  • Avoid loss of information during meetings with citizens.

  • Centralise all their actions to optimise their efforts.

  • Have a notebook always at hand, for mobilisation at any time.

  • Retain the citizen meetings and didactic field actions.

Talk about :

  • Digital notebook

  • Dynamic roadmap

  • Direct link between volunteers and the organisation's HQ.

Setting up:

It can be difficult for HQ to transfer some information to the volunteers. However, it is essential that all your volunteers download Qomon and create an account.

Explain the following:

➡️ Take the time to do this with them. If you ask for it and leave it, you will have reluctants afterwards.⬅️

  • Downloading and creating an account takes no more than 10 minutes!

  • Having Qomon on the phone does not commit them to anything! Their data is only viewed by you.

  • It is a very important link between HQ and them.

  • It is very easy to use, our only goal is to save them time!

  • Name some mentors, to whom your members can turn if they have any questions on how to use the tool. Avoid making big groups, if necessary appoint several mentors.

    1 mentor per 15 users is a good ratio 👌🏼

Some tips from Qomon:

  • Create a conversation in telegram (or other app) with all your volunteers to keep in touch with them quickly, and remind them to download Qomon (for the ones that are hard to get 😅)

  • Organise one or more meetings (depending on the size of your team) to see everyone. Take the time to only start the meeting once the app has been downloaded, launched on all phones and the invitation code entered ✅ .

    Guide them in this first step.

  • Make a short video of your chairperson speaking directly to the volunteers asking them to download the app and finish the registration process. This type of message has a lot of impact!

    Tested and approved! 👌🏼

First time using Qomon:

  • Ask someone who has already used the app to conduct a test on the field. Take all the volunteers with you, they can ask you questions live! These volunteers will become your best users.

  • Help them to add their first citizens, door-to-door situations with test actions. Write down some distinctive information in order to delete this data later, use "TEST" as First and Last name for example 👌🏼

Show why it is interesting to use Qomon:

  • At the end of the day, take advantage of everyone's attention to show the Qomon web platform. You can show them that all the actions that were taken during the test are directly usable and interesting for the HQ.

    Show them how their efforts will help you 👌🏼

What to do if some members are unable to use the Qomon mobile app:

  • Try to mobilise them with already-app-users to take advantage of the benefits of Qomon (Roadmap, etc.)

  • Choose someone to enter the information collected during the day into Qomon (on the web or mobile platform).

  • Especially try to record information from these volunteers on a regular basis, so that you don't end up with too much feedback at once. This will also help to keep the database up to date for other users.

What to do if some members refuse to use Qomon

  • Explain that having feedback from different channels is very complicated.

  • Assign tasks that do not require taking notes or personal information (phone, email, address)

Here is the member's guide. You can make it available to your future volunteers:

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