How are sharing actions carried out with Qomon? 📬

The main purpose of the sharing action or peer-to-peer texting is to let you send a message to your volunteers so that they themselves share it to their own address books or social networks.

From the web platform, simply write a message in the action "Sharing" and assign the action to your volunteers. mobile app.
Then, on their Qomon app, they will have the option to share it by SMS, Facebook, Tweeter, Slack, Instagram, email, etc...

What are the benefits of this communication method?

There are many advantages:

In terms of impact, receiving a message from an acquaintance is much more impactful than any other communication channel (leaflet, poster, etc.). The recipients of the message will also be able to share it, which can quickly transform into an engaging snowball effect! 🙍‍♂‍ ➡️ 👫 ➡️ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

In legal terms, there is almost no GDPR limit for personal communication like this one. For example, a citizen has the right to send a message to another citizen on election day...

In financial terms, you get a completely free and potentially extremely targeted communication! Assuming that the immediate circle of a volunteer shares similar interests and probably lives in the same city…

How does it look on the mobile of the volunteer mobilised to spread the message?

Best practices:

• Write directly the message you want to share, do not start with "Send by SMS ..." etc. Reduce the risk of error.

• Give the instructions you want in the title or in the dedicated comment field.

• Send different messages depending on the communication channel you want to use:

- Twitter: Short and impactful message

- Email: No character limit, provide more global information

- SMS or whatsapps.: A more personal message, not too long, and impactful! It will certainly be seen, so be simple and clear.

• Use this mode of communication to promote public/digital meetings, recruit volunteers, talk about an action in progress, etc...

See who is participating the action

You can then on your admin panel Qomon, check on the action who has share your message or not.

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