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How does decentralization work with Qomon?
How does decentralization work with Qomon?

Use Qomon's Central Space to decentralize your organization

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🌍 What is a Central Space?

Central Space allows users to unlock multi-level management capabilities, enabling the creation of subspaces that reflect the organization's structure.

You can think of your central space as your Headquarters - being able to have an overview of all of your Qomon spaces where you can also interact with all of your users. This means that administrators can organize and manage different levels of the organization with ease, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration.

📲 Adapt mobilization efforts

Admin can create actions, launch petitions, and upload documents on both local and global levels, tailoring their efforts to suit the needs of specific chapters or the entire organization.

For instance, administrators can share important documents with the entire organization via Central Space while also distributing county-specific petitions to relevant chapters.

💫 Features to streamline organizational management:

Global Material Distribution: Upload documents that are accessible to all volunteers across the organization. Whether it's mission statements, goals, or important guidelines, Central Space ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Bulk Communication: Send bulk emails and SMS to contacts across databases in all of your chapters. You can also keep members across all chapters informed and in the know with push notifications.

Shared Petitions and Forms: Share petitions and forms that can be accessed by all chapters, facilitating action and mobilization efforts across all spaces!

Global Dashboard: Analyze your organization/campaign's impact through a comprehensive Global Dashboard. Gain insights into key metrics and performance indicators to inform decision-making.

📋 If you want to decentralize but Central Space is not for you?

If you want to give your users more access to the platform, while still maintaining an overall view, check out contact groups: assign your users lists in the contact database.

Qomon's Central Space empowers you to streamline communication, coordinate actions, and drive impactful change. Central Space is only available for Organization subscriptions, contact support if you would like to find out more!

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