What is an "action"? ✊🏼

Actions are engaging activities that you can set up from the web application, and assign to members of your organisation.

How does it work? 🤔

On the web application (dashboard) go to the "Actions" tab that you will find in the "Mobilisation" category on the left-side menu.

It is from this screen that you can create, assign and track the progress of your actions.

The mobile users you assign receive a notification on their smartphone, can view it and take action!

"The users to whom you have assigned the action will receive a notification. They can then start mobilising!"

How to give indications? 📝

You can write a note that can be consulted by your team when the action is carried out. You must go to the "Briefs" tab to create these notes. Once saved, you can assign them to an action.

Which actions are available?

  • Calls:

Give your teams a list of people to call
• Add a call script.
• Your teams will be able to call these people directly from the mobile application.
• They will be able to qualify the calls during their discussions.

  • Share:
    Use the network effect! 📡
    • Send a message to your teams.
    • They can then simply share it with their contacts by sms or on their social networks.

  • Events:
    Create an event from your Qomon space.
    • Send notifications to the members you wish to invite.
    • You will be informed of the members who will participate in the event.
    • Add a link to a chat (WhatsApp / Telegram)

  • Handout mail:
    Handout mail efficiently with a roadmap!
    • Give your teams a list of streets to box.
    • They will be able to declare having done streets with a single click.
    • Track the progress of "done" and "to do" streets.
    Don't miss any more streets.
    Take a look at this article: How to organise efficient direct mail operations with Qomon ? 📬

  • Canvassing:
    Organise your door-to-door actions with a roadmap!
    • Give your teams a list of streets and addresses to visit.
    • Add talking points for your members.
    • Retrieve, in real time, the feedback from your door-to-door visits.
    • Follow the progress of the streets "done" and "to do".

    Take a look at this article: How to organise door-to-door with Qomon?

    Let's go knock on doors. 🚪👈🏼

You can take this action with two different objectives:

1️⃣Qualify the existing contacts:

- Choose a geographical area in order to qualify the EXISTING records in your contact database. Define the briefing well, and why not add a link to a chat (WhatsApp / Telegram)
- Allow your teams to have a complete and clear roadmap from the mobile application

2️⃣Grow your contact base:

- The aim is to knock on doors that DO NOT exist in your contact database. The objective is to increase the contact base by creating new records. Define the brief well, and why not a link to a chat (whatsapps / Telegram)

TIPS: If you select this action, you will be able to draw the target area on the map on the right of the screen and launch an action in that area 🕵🏼

  • Direct conversation: Reach out to citizens 🤝
    Communicate a meeting point to your teams.
    • Set a date and place for the meeting.
    • Send notifications to your members.
    • Your teams in the field will be able to add the citizens they meet directly from the mobile application.

  • Other: If the action you want to carry out does not exist in the above headings, you can use the "Other" action.
    • Name this action
    • Give a date and a place
    • Link a briefing and a link to a chat
    • Name the members who will participate

Here is the display of the actions on a mobile, the bottom tabs are the actions sent by the administrator from the web application.

The top icons are the actions that can be performed spontaneously

❗️Be careful, some actions are very linked to your questionnaire. Don't forget to set it up! ❗️

What next?

Follow the progress of your actions, if the objectives are reached for example. From the dashboard, don't forget to close actions when they are no longer relevant, so that you can see things more clearly.

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