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What are the different types of actions available on Qomon?
What are the different types of actions available on Qomon?

The different actions that can be programmed from the web application.

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What are the different types of actions available on Qomon?

👊 What is an Action?

Actions are engaging activities that you can set up from the web application and assign to members of your organization.

🤔 How does it work?

On the web application, you have multiple ways of creating an action: the actions tab, the map, and the contact database. Once you have chosen where to start from, you will be able to create, assign, and track the progress of your actions.

The mobile users or teams that you assign to an action will receive a notification on their smartphone. They will be able to view the action, mark their attendance, add the action to their calendar, and start!

📝 How to make notes for your volunteers?

You can write notes for your volunteers to view while the action is being carried out. For example, if you are creating a call action (phone banking etc.), you can write a script for your volunteers; or for a canvassing action, write some helpful tips!

✅ Which actions are available?

There are two different types of actions you can create; “Act in the Field” and “Online Actions”.

The image shows the different types of actions available in Qomon platform

🚶Act in the Field

The objective of offline actions is to get out there and really grow your contact base, update existing records, connect with your community, and be action focused!

The canvassing action’s goal is to make your volunteers' door-to-door process as efficient as possible:

  • Provide your teams with a list of streets and addresses to visit.

  • Add communication tools for your users.

  • Track live information brought by this canvassing.

  • Follow the progress of "completed" and "to do" streets.

If you want to go door-to-door to get new contacts or see how your existing contacts are feeling about your initiative or movement etc., Qomon’s roadmap will ensure you are optimizing your route and time.

Similar to Qomon’s canvassing action, the Mailbox Leafletting action is here to give your volunteers a targeted roadmap.

  • Provide your teams with a list of streets.

  • They will be able to mark off which they have completed.

  • Follow the progress of "completed" and "to do" streets.

  • Don't ever miss a street!

Whether you are distributing brochures or flyers, this action is designed to help you make the most of your time with a targeted and organized roadmap.

mailbox leafletting, flyer handout

Offline events 📵

The in-person event action allows you to create an event invitation directly from Qomon!

  • Invite your volunteers to an event your organizing.

  • Send push notifications to users you wish to invite.

  • You will know which users are participating.

Say your organization is holding a fundraising event, you can head over to actions on Qomon and enter all the details for your users/volunteers to see. You will be able to enter the following information: an address, the name of your event, the date, and any forms/petitions/external links.

Challenge 💪

The Challenge action is a great way to be action focused. Use this action to set a goal for your volunteers, whether it’s to add x amount of contacts, or hand out x amount of flyers, this action will get your volunteers motivated.

  • Mobilize your teams thanks to a challenge!

  • Set a date and a meeting place.

  • Specify the challenge to be carried out: meet as many people as possible or have as many surveys completed.

  • Your teams on the field will be able to add the citizens they meet directly from the mobile application and grow your contact database.

The upcoming weekend is supposed to be beautiful, so you create a challenge for your team to collect as many new contacts as possible while they are out enjoying the weather.

Offline customized action 🤩

The opportunities are endless.

  • You're full of ideas!

  • Create a customized action.

📲 Online Actions

Online actions let you connect with your community, all from the comfort of your office or home!

Calling ☎️

By creating phone actions on Qomon, you are able to have volunteers reach out to your contacts whose numbers are registered with a script and survey in hand (if you wish to add them of course 😁)

  • Add a script.

  • Your teams will call these people directly from the mobile app.

  • They will also be able to qualify their calls during the talk.

You want to set up a phone banking event to reach out to contacts and see where they stand with your initiative? That can be done easily with the Calling action; including filters, an event name, a date, a script and/or talking point, and the option to include a survey.

calling aciton

Online events 📶

By creating an online event with Qomon, you are able to connect with your team online while ensuring all the information is kept neatly in one place so that no one loses the link or forgets the main point of the meeting.

  • Send push notifications to users you wish to invite.

  • You will know which users are participating.

Say you would like to organize a video call to update your team, or you have a guest speaker that your members would be interested in, you can easily send out the online invite; including a link, an event name, an action date, a script, and the option to add external forms/petitions/links.

Share 🤝

​​Use the network effect! The sharing action on Qomon allows you to send out a message that your volunteers can then also share.

  • Share a message with your teams.

  • They will then be able to forward it to their contacts via text messages or social media.

  • You can also share your contacts; so that your volunteers can call them.

By using the sharing action on Qomon, you can use your volunteers as a megaphone by sending out a crafted message that they can share with their own network.

Online customized action 🤩

Create your own online action.

  • You're full of ideas!

  • Create a customized action.

🤔 What next?

Follow your volunteers' progress with the actions you’ve created. Don’t forget to close actions when they are no longer relevant, that way your actions dashboard won’t look so cluttered!

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