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A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard is a visual representation of key metrics and performance indicators that aid in monitoring and assessing the success of your mobilization efforts, specific initiatives, and of your Qomon space.

🤔 Why Use a Dashboard?

It provides a centralized view where your web platform users can access real-time updates on various KPIs, allowing them to track progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Typically displayed in the form of charts, graphs, tables, or other visual elements, a KPI dashboard condenses complex data into simple and actionable insights.

📈 Qomon’s Regular Dashboard

Qomon offers a basic dashboard for all spaces that gives you KPI’s regarding your mobilization efforts - the contacts you’ve reached, how your volunteers/users are performing, and the progress of your actions.

Shown below is an example of one of Qomon's dashboards:

📊 Custom Dashboards

By presenting up to 8 KPI’S of your choosing, Qomon’s custom dashboard enables you and your admin to quickly assess performance against your targets or benchmarks, identify areas for improvement, and drive strategic actions to achieve organizational objectives!

Displayed below is a sample custom dashboard that shows the following KPI’s:

  • TOTAL number of a specific tag (example: 2022_Supporter or 2022 Ride Request, etc.)

  • TOTAL number of Supporters

  • TOTAL number of outstanding tasks

  • Number of contacts vs Attempted Contact

  • Contacted vs Not Contacted

  • Supporters visited vs Supporters not visited

💻 If you would like to add your own KPI’s to your space, contact support! We can discuss what KPI’s would best suit your needs to display on the custom dashboard.

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