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Custom Roles & Permissions on Qomon
Custom Roles & Permissions on Qomon

Customize Qomon Roles and Permissions to Align with Your Organization

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⚠️ Please note that custom permissions are only available for Premium plans and above.

What is a role on Qomon?

A role is a set of rights that determines access to features on Qomon.

You can use the default roles offered by Qomon and/or customize them!

Keep in mind: The "Champ" role is assigned by default when someone joins an organization on Qomon. Edit their role if you'd like to grant them more access.

How to configure and manage roles on Qomon?

💡 By default, only administrators have the ability to manage roles.

Head to the "Users & Teams" tab > "Set up Roles"

💡 You can also access the Custom Roles from Space Settings > Role Management

How to customize roles

You have a few options:

1) Edit an Existing Role

Click "Manage" where you can then change a role's name ✏️ and remove or add permissions to it by clicking on the ✅ boxes.

2) Create New Roles

Click on "Create Role" > then choose from where you'd like to begin.

💡 You can customize everything: name, color, and different permission levels!

How to Delete a Role

Click on the "Pencil" icon ✏️ next to the role you'd like to delete.

All users who had this deleted role will need to be assigned a new one.

💡 Mirror your organization's structure by creating and customizing as many roles as you'd like.

Email Notification for Role and Permissions Changes

⚠️ Please note that your users are notified by email when their role is changed!

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