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Roles and Permissions in Qomon

Find out about Qomon's default roles

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What is a role on Qomon?

A role is a set of rights that determines access to features on Qomon.

You can use the default roles offered by Qomon and/or customize them! Please note that custom permissions are only available for Premium plans and above.

Keep in mind: The "Champ" role is assigned by default when someone joins an organization on Qomon. Edit their roles, or use predefined roles with email invitation if you'd like to grant them more access.

What are the roles (by default) on Qomon?

Administrator: (mandatory and cannot be deleted cause we need at least 1 administrator on your account). The Administrator has complete access to the web app, including settings and subscription management.

Staff: The Staff member has complete access to the web app except for platform settings, subscription management, and the possibility to export contacts.

Organizer: The Organizer has access to certain web app features like actions, petitions, and forms. She/He can manages users and teams but has no access to the contact database.

Champ: (mandatory and cannot be deleted): has access to the mobile application only, for online and on-the-ground actions. This role is assigned by default to all new users joining a space.

💡 Good to know (for premium and above plans only): Default roles are editable and customizable directly from your platform settings. For more information, you can refer to this article.

How are roles defined and for what specific uses?

Each role has specific access and permissions built with Organizing need in mind

Administrators and supervisors have access to all information and actions to manage your organization effectively. In short, this is designed for your HQ people.

  • Access and edit your contact database (only administrators can export contacts)

  • Access communications to interact with your people, access your contact lists, and associated tasks

  • Access Actions

  • Access users and teams

Organizers have access to actions, petitions, teams to help drive your online and in-the-field efforts. In short, this is designed for Digital or Field Organizers, local Organizers.

  • Publish Materials

  • Launch and manage actions

  • Create online forms and petitions.

  • Create and manage teams

Champs only have access to the mobile application. They are notified when a new action is assigned to them. They are your users or volunteers that take concrete actions.

To see the details of permission of each role, go to the role management page of your Qomon platform in Space Settings > Role Management

How can you customize and adjust roles?

Each role is customizable to help fit your organization's needs. The Custom Roles with Permission Settings is available for Premium and above subscriptions only.

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