Enable SMS on your Qomon space
Find out how to enable the SMS function for your organization.
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You have the option of sending SMS messages to your contact database right from the Qomon web app.

SMS is an effective way of mobilizing because it allows you to personalize your messages with your supporters or your contacts. In addition, SMS messages have an impressive read rate (95% of SMS messages are opened compared to the 18% open rate for email).

⚡️ Activate the feature

The feature is very easy and quick to set up!

Just go to the Settings > Communication > SMS & SMS auto

  • If you haven’t enabled the SMS option, you will be prompted to activate it. Just click on “Activate”

  • Then, select the SMS package that suits you best: 1.000, 5.000 or 10.000 SMS

  • Follow the steps in the purchase funnel

  • You will then receive a confirmation email for your purchase

  • Please be patient. There is a time lag between the moment when you activate the SMS feature on the platform and the moment you have your SMS credit available.

  • You will receive an email as soon as your SMS credits are available!

  • Let’s go! You can now start sending SMS!

Note that only the SMS's that are received are counted. For example, if you have a wrong number or an obsolete number, sending it will not impact your purchased SMS credit 😃

Once that is activated, what's next? 🚀

i) In the communication tab, you will have a general overview and key figures related to your communication on Qomon :

  • - The number of automatic emails sent

  • - The number of SMS sent

  • - The status of the automatic emails sent

  • - The status of sent SMS

  • - The number of SMS messages you still have left to send

ii) You can view each SMS sent in the Communication > SMS

iii) You can send an SMS from the contact database by selecting your filters.

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