Welcome to Qomon!

As a member, activist or volunteer, your organisation has given you access to the Qomon app!
Congrats ! Qomon is the app supporting those shaping the future, helping you to organize better, save time and, most importantly, get autonomy to have more impact!

The mobile app 🤳

The goal 🚀:  Make you an empowered activist, with a tool directly on your phone so as not to waste any precious time with logistics!

You can add support at any time, track information, see actions assigned to you, Engage in optimized canvassing, view events, survey people, etc.

The app is like a digital notebook and allows all information to be brought back up automatically to the HQ, to make every interaction count !

This guide allows you to get started with the Qomon mobile app in 4 actions.


  1. Download the app

  2. Create an account

  3. Discover your mobilisation app

  4. Act on the ground


Install the app on your smartphone ☎️

Download the mobile app available on the App Store (if you have an iphone)

or on the Playstore (if you have an Android Phone)


  • Install the app

  • Click on “Create an account”

  • Fill in all the info about you in your membership form.

  • Validate your email address, by clicking on the link of the email we sent you. (If you can't find it, check your spam folder ⚠️). It’s mandatory to verify your account.

  • Enter the invitation code (code that your admin gives you with or that is on the invitation email). Once you have entered this code, you’re officially part of the team!

You only need to do this the first time.

Now, let's go!

Step : 3.1 Autonomous Actions:

  • These are the actions you can launch yourself! They allow you to be a spokesperson at all times for your movement. See below

⚠️ The icons that you have depend on the subscription chosen by your organisation on Qomon

Step : 3.2 The actions planned by the organisation (Add-on):

Here are the different types of actions that can be organised, 

⚠️ Depending on the action, you have at your disposal:

⇨ Complete and logistical info on the action: type, date and place.

⇨ A roadmap for door-to-door actions, boxes and calls.

⇨ A guide gathering all the information in order to carry out your action.

⇨ You can be associated with a team to carry out an action; you can view with who you’ve been associated with.

⇨ The possibility of stopping and resuming it whenever you want.

Step : 3.3 Your profile

⇨ Managing your profile!

You can keep an up-to-date profile by uploading a photo, a status about your mood or your availability, etc.

You can also enter your contact details (address, telephone) so that the headquarters of your organisation has all of the info to contact you.

Step : 3.4 Your impact 🚀

Consult in real time the number of people you have mobilised for your movement and the number of actions carried out.


Let's go! You’re all ready to meet, survey, and carry out the actions to which you are assigned!


  • For any question, please consult our a help center. You will find articles to help you use all of the app’s features.

  • Ask for a referent within your organisation. He will be your support during your actions and will be able to answer your questions about the use of the mobile app.


  • “It doesn't work, it’s not letting me sign in!"When using it for the first time, remember to confirm your e-mail address! It’s to avoid robots! 🤖 It’s noted on the app, but we don’t always read! This is one of the most common questions.

  • “I didn’t receive the account creation confirmation email”Look in your SPAMS, it can happen 😅

  • "I get a white screen during installation, what’s going on?"The app pre-loads information during its installation, remember to have a good mobile network when downloading the app. Having problems? Close and restart the app.

  • "I don't see the actions that I created on the web"Some browsers have trouble with instant changes. We recommend Chrome.

  • “Do not confuse Password and invitation code”When you or your activists create an account, enter a personal password. The organisation’s invitation code only allows you to join your campaign space at the end of the Qomon account creation process.



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