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How does the calling action work
How does the calling action work

If you want to start phone banking, we’ve got you covered!

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What is phone banking?

Phone banking is a way reach out and canvass your supporters and voters or a way to get to know your citizens and constituents. You can use it to try and collect donations, get-out-the-vote operations, sway public opinion, etc...

In Qomon, the calling action is designed to create PEER-TO-PEER CALLING LISTS.
The aim is to give your volunteers a list of qualified numbers.

You can attach a brief with instructions and talking points you've deemed necessary for your members to consult and use during their calling task.

How to prepare a calling action?

Consult our free guide in our resources center.

How to launch a calling action on Qomon?

There are two ways to launch a calling action:

From the "Actions" tab

Once there, you'll have the option to "Create an action" at the top right of your screen.

Choose the type of action, in this case it's "Call". Then, simply choose which filters you want to use to target contacts you want to call. You can filter by: zones, tags, you can select one or more streets, or a city.

💡 You can also draw an area on the map (Right tab) to group the numbers you want to call; This can be a polling station, a district or neighborhood, or even a geographic area (ex: North...).

⚠️ Don’t forget to put a distinct title and date with a start and end time. This way your volunteers can get ready to begin their action!

The image shows how to filter your contacts for your calling action

From the "Contact database" tab

Head over to your "Contact" tab on the left-hand side of your screen. You have the option of filtering your contact base according to different criteria (like age status, etc. for example).

⚠️ Remember to add the "Phone or mobile field" filter– quite important to allow you to call contacts.

You can add any filter to refine your calling campaign.

Once you have loaded your filtered contact database, click on "Actions" and "Create an action" to enter the action creation tunnel.

The image shows how to create a calling action from the "Contacts" tab

📲 How does this look on your mobile app?

The first 3 screens that the volunteers assigned to the calling action are:

  1. The summary of information needed to carry out the action (date, appointment...). You need to inform HQ of your participation.

  2. You have access to your list of contacts to call for this action. Just click on a person to open the next screen to call them. If you want to call other contacts, just click on "Others" and choose another team member's list, and help them call their assigned contacts.

  3. ​The "Start the call" button gives you access to the phone number.

The image shows how the calling action looks like on the Qomon mobile app

📲 Here is how it goes from there for a calling volunteer:

A great tip is to put yourself on speaker (or headphones) during the call, that way you can easily continue to use the Qomon app during the call 🤳

  1. Once the "Start" button is selected to start a call, the first question will be to register if the person: refuses to talk, is absent, has answered, calls back later, or other.

  2. If the person answers, and you have obtained the person's consent, you may enter your Survey if you have one set up. To learn how to configure a survey, head over to: How to create a survey.

  3. If the discussion went well, you will probably be able to register the contact file with an email address or other personal information. This information is extremely important for your HQ and your mobilization efforts!

The image shows how to call someone from Qomon's mobile app

📲 Lastly:

Here are the different screens that allow you to collect even more information from the field. They are optional, but if the exchange went well, take the opportunity to go further:

  1. If you click on "Add Comments" you will access the following screens. Otherwise, you may go back to the calling list to call other numbers.

  2. You can comment on the quality of the discussion to inform the HQ how the exchange went. Did you manage to mobilize the person...or not?

  3. Seize the opportunity! Here is one of the most powerful parts of the app. You get to both relay information provided by the contact and assign their next steps, both INSTANTLY and without risk of losing this information.

The image shows different screens after performing the calling action with Qomon where you can fill more information

If you wish to consult our best practices and advice, think about consulting our calling action guide.

Until next time! ✊

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