How to merge duplicate contacts ?

This article shows you how to merge contacts.

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Merge duplicated contacts

💡 Before reading: To better understand how Qomon identifies possible duplicates in your space, click here.

🔍 To check for duplicates in your Qomon contact database, just click the toggle that says “Manage potential duplicates”.

Engage > Contacts > Manage potential duplicates

Once selecting the toggle, you can see a list of contacts that may be duplicates. Select at least two contacts, and then click merge, a pop-up will appear confirming that you want to merge.

If you confirm, the information you have on both contacts will be presented. You can then select which contact you want to keep (typically the contact with the most correct information).

You can also manually select the different fields of information you want to keep for the final contact file.

A preview of the final contact file can be found on the left side of the table (highlighted in blue). This allows you to visualize what the merge will look like once it's done.

Once you have selected all the information you wish to keep on the final contact, click on "Finish and merge".

And it's done!

🥳 You will be redirected to the final contact file.

💡 Note: Other contacts will automatically be deleted after merging them into the final contact.

🫧 This merge allows you to maintain a clean contact base!

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