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How do I deal with duplicates created during my import?
How do I deal with duplicates created during my import?
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When you import contacts into the web platform you run the possibility of creating potential duplicate contacts to your contact database on Qomon.

💡 Good to know: If your CSV file contains too many duplicates, the system will interrupt your import and you will receive an email.

Feel free to contact support so that we can help you.

Head over to your import file history:

Settings of your organization > Imports > The name of your import

You will see the number of contacts you want to import that may duplicate your existing contacts on Qomon.

Keep in mind that the system has automatically imported & updated contacts which are clear duplicates (with 3+ identical information fields). You can figure out how many contacts have been updated by clicking the blue "i" on "imported contacts".

For potential duplicates, you will given two options:

  • Import : The contacts will be imported but will create potential duplicates to your existing Qomon contacts. You will be able to merge them later on your space.

  • Do not import : Contacts will not be imported on your space.

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