Once you are aware that a contact has a potential duplicate, you just have to click on "Fix".

💡 Note: To better understand how Qomon identifies possible duplicates in your space, click here.

You are now in the duplicate management tool. Merging contacts is done in only 2 steps:

1️⃣ Preview and selection of contacts to merge

At this stage, you get an overview of contacts that appear to be duplicates (the article that explains what a duplicate is can be found here).

You now have two options, either you:

  • Select the contacts (at least 2), then click on "Merge contacts". The contacts you do not select will automatically be considered as "not duplicates" of the merged contact.

  • Declare that these contacts are not duplicates (they will never again be considered as duplicates between them).

2️⃣ Select the contact and the information to keep

This step requeres you to :

  • Select the contact on which you want to do the merge (its column will turn green).

  • Check the information you wish to keep on the final contact.

On the left side of the table is the preview of the final contact, this allows you to visualize what the merge will look like.

Once you have selected all the information you wish to keep on the final contact, click on "Finish and merge".

And it's over!

You will be directly redirected to the final contact plug.

💡 Note: Other contacts will be automatically deleted after merging them into the final contact.

This merge allows you to keep your contact base clean and that's a very good practice!

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