How to maintain a clean contact database

Here are the best practices for keeping a clean and efficient database.

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How to maintain a clean contact database

There are three simple steps you can take to make sure your contact database is staying updated and consistent!

💼 Manage potential duplicates

Duplicates can be created during your actions. If you have a file in your contact database and you add citizens during your mobilizations, they may already exist in your database.

To find potential duplicates in your contact database, there’s a filter that can help you:

Want to know more about using the potential duplicate filter? Read here.

🔎 Check existing contact information

You can test out the different filters to identify contacts with incorrect information and update them accordingly.

  • If you use geographical areas to classify your contacts, you can search for the contacts that are not assigned an area/location. This can happen when your volunteers forget to log an address or are not given said information. If this happens, don't worry! We have a filter to fix it.

  • In filters, under “Territory”, while selecting “No zone” you can instantly see all the contacts that are not well geolocalized in your database. It will likely be a typo in the city, a wrong zip code etc…

  • If you find incorrect information, you can correct it directly in the contact form.

Engage > Contacts > Filters > Territory > No zone

You can also use the turf cutting option by selecting “Map view”, using the turf cut button on the right hand side to select the desired area, and then go back to “List view” to see what you have selected.

Engage > Contacts > Map view > Turf cut

If your mobilization takes place around Paris, for example, there is no reason to have contacts elsewhere in France. After taking a look at the unwanted contacts you can modify or delete them.

💡If you want to keep them in your contact database, select all and add a tag to let you know these contacts are outside of your desired scope.

📲 SMS incident reports

When sending SMS campaigns, a report will appear, and if there are any, you can click on "Errors". In this report you can see the contacts that did not receive the SMS. This means the number is faulty.

You can go through the report, and modify or delete the contact/number.

More questions? Contact our help team via [email protected] or use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner!

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