💡 CSV: The acronym CSV stands for Comma-Separated Values and refers to a spreadsheet-type computer file, the values of which are separated by commas, or semi-colons.

💡UTF-8: is a computer character encoding designed to encode all the characters in the "universal character encoding directory". UTF-8 is used by 82.2% of softwares to manage texts and their translations in all the writing systems and alphabets of the world as simply as possible.

How to convert into a CSV file in UTF-8?

  • Starting from an Excel file :

File ➡️ Save as ➡️ CSV format UTF-8

File ➡️ Export ➡️ CSV ➡️ Encoding: UTF-8

  • Starting from Numbers :

File ➡️ Export to ➡️ CSV

  • Starting from the GoogleSheet

File ➡️ Download ➡️ Comma separated values (CSV)

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