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How to export and use your data from Qomon
How to export and use your data from Qomon

What information can you export from Qomon?

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Export and use your data from Qomon

In which format is the contact database exported?

  • From the web platform, only administrators have the possibility to export part of the contact database.

  • When an export is requested, a file in CSV format with UTF-8 encoding or XLS format is downloaded.

  • To open a CSV file, you will need to use a software designed for CSV files, such as Numbers.

  • To open XLS file, you will need to use a software designed for spreadsheet files, such as Excel.

What information is included in the export?

You can find absolutely all the information you can find on the Qomon platform!

💡You can select the information you are interested in so that you do not export all the data if you do not need it.

(name, phone, email, etc.), responses to the questionnaire, additional information (tags, status, etc.)

⚠️It is important to know that if you have deleted a survey, all the answers that have been given are still in the export! Data from an old survey is never deleted. This is why it is essential that when modifying a survey, you completely delete the old questions to create new ones: In order not to mix the data.

Here is an example of an export:

How do I export from Qomon?

  • You must start by choosing one or more filters. Unless your contact base is less than 10,000 contacts, you must filter to select a part of your base.

Here a part of the available filters:

Simply make your selection to export only the part of the contacts you need:

You then need to tick the boxes of the contacts to be exported, click on "Export" and you're done! 👍

💡 Don't forget to click on "select all pages" if you want your export to go beyond the first 50 contacts.

What does "export for mailing" mean? 📬

It is a simplified export that you can use to carry out a mail merge. There will only be important information (Name, first name, address)

💡 This feature also allows members of the same family to be grouped together in order to avoid 3 letters if the 3 people live at the same place.

Here are some Tips:

  • You can filter out ALL the citizens you visited during the mobilisation. To do so, you just have to use the filter "visited since" and select a very old date. You will then be able to see all the contacts you met through door to door or even when you added them from the mobile.

  • You can export the contacts by filtering on their answers to the questionnaires. Based on a specific answer or simply if the person answered the question (it doesn't matter which answer)

  • In the exported file you have the possibility to see which volunteer met the contact.

  • You can open a CSV file with Google Sheet.

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