How to use the advanced search feature?

Target your contacts better thanks to our advanced search feature

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Filters can be used for several reasons. The main one is to group or divide your contacts in order to know them better. It allows you to target contacts based on specific variables to either launch an action or to target communication material.

How do advanced searches work?

They allow you to take your filters to the next level! You get to hone in on specific criteria to create an infinite number of combinations. Test all possible combinations by using "AND / OR".

Example: "I want ABSOLUTELY ALL filters to match" or "I want ONE OR MORE filters to match".

Where to find them?

  1. Under your contact database, click on "Filter" .

  2. Then, click on "Advanced filters"

Once there, you are able to choose the data type, property, and operator to filter out your contact database.

📝 Example:

On the picture below I'm looking for:

Men in the age category of "18 - 25 years" AND who have AT LEAST an email address OR a phone number.

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