How to make a Dynamic List
What is a Dynamic List at Qomon and how to make one?
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What is a "Dynamic List"?

Dynamic Lists at Qomon are those that contacts will automatically join once they correspond to specific criteria that you have defined. Contacts enter the saved list as soon as they correspond to your conditions and they leave the list when they no longer correspond.

Why have "Dynamic Lists"?

They allow you to keep your a group of contacts always updated. This function was developed to give you ready-to-use lists of contacts to target your actions and communication to at any moment.

How to make a Dynamic List?

1) Head over to your contact data base and click on "Lists" > "Create a List"

2) Define your dynamic list criteria.

For example: To create a list of contacts that have provided their email address or mobile phone number, your set-up would look something like this:

3) Once you have defined the criteria, continue to save and name your new dynamic list. You'll be able to see your dynamic lists along the top of your contact database.

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