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How to activate bulk email to your Qomon space
How to activate bulk email to your Qomon space

What is Brevo Transactional and how to connect it to your Qomon space

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How to activate bulk email and what does it do?

To activate bulk email on Qomon you need a Brevo subscription. Their free plan allows for 300 emails per day.

Brevo Transactional is an email creation and management platform specifically designed for transactional emails. These are emails that are triggered by an event, action, or transaction.

In Qomon, you're able to send emails directly from your Qomon space to your contacts.

Why connect Brevo with Qomon?

  • Qomon already has your contacts, no need to import them to Brevo

  • Use Qomon filters to target your emails

  • Design your emails in accordance to your image and send them without being flagged as a spammer.

How to connect Brevo with Qomon?

  1. Log into the Qomon webapp

  2. Go on "Settings" then "Connect & API"

  3. Under to 'Bulk Emails', you will see 'Brevo Transactional':

  4. Click on the selector to activate it.

  5. Once you activate the selector, an API Key request will appear. How to generate Brevo API Key.

  6. Click "Send" and there you go! Your account is all ready and set to send emails directly from your Qomon space.

  7. Now, all we need is a header and footer to add to your bulk emailing on Qomon. This header and footer will be included in all bulk emails sent from Qomon. They need to be in HTML. Please share your header and footer to customer support, or contact support if you need further assistance.

How to use Brevo Transactional with Qomon?

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