What does the automatic SMS feature do?

This feature allows you to automatically send an SMS during your actions on Qomon. In order for it to work, the mobile phone field must be available on a contact card. Without a phone number, an SMS cannot be sent.

How to activate this feature?

In order to begin, you'll need to have SMS credits on your account. Here is an article that explains how to (re)load SMS credits to your account:

How to activate SMS

Head over to your survey to activate this feature. You can choose which response(s) are going to trigger an SMS to be sent. Your contact will receive it right at the end of your exchange. Make sure their mobile phone number is available on their contact card.

Click on the icon 📲 to activate/deactivate this function near a response option.

From there, you can write the message of the SMS that you want to send at the end of the conversation.

đź’ˇMake a larger impact during your actions with personalized content received instantly!

⚠️ Make sure to check your SMS balance from time to time. If you see it running low, make sure to top it up.

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