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How to make an online survey

Find out how to have your Qomon survey published online

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How to make an online survey

A survey is a great way to capture and collect data for your project. You can already carry out surveys during your on the ground operations with the Qomon app but you can also have this survey online. Follow the steps to calibrate your online survey:

1) Create a survey on your Qomon space

Head over to your Qomon space and click on "Forms" > Survey and create your survey. Find out how to create a survey here.

2) Share it online

To share your survey online, all you need to do is duplicate the Qomon survey on an external application such as a Google Form. To do that, follow these steps.

It is important that these duplicate questions are identical to those on your Qomon survey (single response, multiple choice, short answer etc.)

3) Connect the two platforms with Zapier

With the Zapier automation platform, you can easily connect two platforms and create workflows.

To connect two platforms with Zapier, you need to create a Zapier account. This free account allows you to collect up to 100 surveys per month. Once you create an account and connect the two platforms, you can link between the questions in the Qomon questionnaire and the online version. Here's how:

Choose which applications to be connected:

The image shows a snippet from Zapier on how to connect your surveys responses to Qomon

Ask Qomon support for an API token

Either message us directly in the platform chat bubble, or at [email protected].

Link the fields together

Match your Qomon survey fields with those of the chosen online form solution:

Important information:

  • The answer titles must be exactly the same between Qomon and the other software.

  • Be careful not to use "commas" in the multiple choice answer titles!

  • The fields that correspond to the contact form must be added in the online survey. You can then link them to the Qomon contact form.

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